We’ve been talking about how quiet Beyoncé’s been, for months now, on social media, even before the pandemic lockdown, as she often is when she’s in architect mode. But especially, during this time, when so many celebrities are announcing charitable endeavours or showing their asses, Beyoncé has remained behind the scenes, coming out once for the Disney Family Singalong last week to sing Disney’s Holy Grail and again last weekend during the One World: Together at Home concert to deliver a message about how the virus has exposed social inequality – both appearances, of course, were unannounced. 


There’s no doubt, though, that even though she hasn’t been posting, our Queen is always working. And the Queen never works on a small scale. Yesterday we found out what she’s been up to – here’s what she announced on her website:

Six million dollars in funding in partnership with billionaire Jack Dorsey, specifically focusing on African American frontline workers compromised during this global health crisis. So Beyoncé and her team have been doing the researching, narrowing down where they want to focus their donation and which communities to help, and then coordinating with stakeholders to get it all in place to make the announcement. 


There’s a personal connection to this. Miss Tina posted on Instagram about losing a good friend, Sheila Campbell Christian, to the virus, sharing a photo of a young Beyoncé at Sheila’s wedding:

As Miss Tina tells us, Sheila was a nurse, on the frontlines of this pandemic, who was obviously working hard to save lives and keep people safe. Beyoncé’s gift, along with Jack Dorsey, is meant to make it so others can survive what Sheila didn’t. 

Beyoncé is doing what Rihanna has been doing – both of them, as Rihanna urged, “pulling up”, reaching out and UP to friends and contacts who are in the position to bring the resources to the table. 

Stay safe out there, everyone. And if you can, stay home. Despite what you may have heard from those who are supposed to be leaders, this sh-t is serious and it’s not just about protecting ourselves, it’s about protecting others who are out there fighting for all of us.