I posted about Beyoncé in the site open yesterday, looking ahead to the release of her new album, RENAISSANCE, and everything we don’t actually know about anything. Later on, Beyoncé gave us the tracklist on Instagram stories…


…so I’m choosing to believe that Beyoncé and I are spiritually aligned. Please don’t get in between me and my fantasy, thank you. 

RENAISSANCE will include 16 tracks, this part is not a surprise. The song titles? As usual Beyoncé knows what she’s doing …because just the song titles were enough to f-ck us up, and several of them were trending worldwide on Twitter immediately after her post, including “America Has A Problem”. Our Queen has some sh-t to say! 

But first… “I’m That Girl”. Of course she is, she’s been “That Girl” for 20 years. And I expect “That Girl” to be giving us a new vocabulary, the way Beyoncé always does when she puts out new music. 

“I woke up like this”

“Put a ring on it”

“Hot sauce in my bag, swag”

“Middle fingers up, put ‘em hands high”


“Bow down bitches”

“Becky with the good hair”


I can keep going but you get the point. And we’re about to get a lot more. As for the look of RENAISSANCE, we’re getting some clues through who she’s been working with: 

I’m going to assume that since Bey Legion posted this that Frederik Heyman was cleared to post this because we all know that nobody talks about working with Beyoncé unless they’re allowed to talk about working with Beyoncé. 


Bey Legion also shared this:

Not that there was any question but whatever is happening on July 29 will be an all-senses stimulating feast. These visuals are going to be epic. So be ready…if we can ever truly be ready for the Beyoncé timeline…