Dear Gossips,    

What do you think will happen on July 29, 2022? I think about this every day. 

That’s the day, of course, when Beyoncé’s new album, act i, RENAISSANCE, will be released. Obviously it will be a takeover, a cultural reset – we already know this – but …like… will we only hear her and not see her? Almost every other artist in the world, when it’s time to drop a new album, is out here doing the promotion, with teasers and countdowns. But even though the rollout of RENAISSANCE  *seemed* to be, at least initially, more conventional than the surprises she’s delivered in the past, Beyoncé remains elusive. 


Sure, there are billboards around the world reminding people of the date, and she gave us the artwork three weeks ago…


…but the Queen is still kinda in phantom mode. There’s been nothing on Instagram since July 1. Last week she joined TikTok…


♬ -

…and she thanked people for “the wiggle”, but it was a compilation of other people grooving to “Break My Soul”, it’s not like we got to see her. 

Today marks exactly one month since “Break My Soul” was released. Beyoncé still hasn’t given us an official video. 


What, then, does she have planned on July 29? Kelly Rowland was asked about RENAISSANCE at the Nope premiere on Monday night. She appears at the 1:25 mark below: 


“Y’all don’t even know…just wait.”

Of course we don’t know! We never know! We are always waiting!

To be clear, this is not a complaint. As if we would ever. For Beyoncé, we’re almost grateful to be waiting. It’s just the curiosity, you know? 

RENAISSANCE reportedly has 16 tracks – and though this is not official-official, Beyoncé Legion posted it so I take that as legit. Will she drop videos for all 16 songs all at once? Remember when Self-Titled came out? In the middle of the night? Not just all new songs but a video for every single one? And she WAS ON TOUR AT THE TIME!


Lemonade three years later was also a visual album. 

What will RENAISSANCE be? 

Will it have a visual as well as a sound? Are we even ready for these visuals? For what it’s all going to LOOK like? 

And have you cleared your schedule, not just on July 29 but for that entire weekend? We’re inside ten days now. Be ready to hand your life over to Beyoncé.

Yours in gossip,