Dear Gossips,   

Travis Scott released his highly anticipated new album yesterday, Utopia. The album features collaborations and contributions from over a dozen big name artists… including the greatest entertainer of our time, the Queen herself, Beyoncé.


The track is called “Delresto (Echoes)” and while, as usual, because Beyoncé locks her sh-t down so tight, this was a well-guarded secret… but she did leave clues. And the Beyoncé scholars had been paying attention. Here’s the cover art for “Echoes”:


Some of the imagery on the new song has been featured on Beyoncé’s Renaissance world tour. The Beyhive picked up on it earlier this summer: 


There are layers and layers of this. 

As someone said on one of those threads, “welcome to Mother’s mind”. 


For a year now we’ve been begging her for the visuals. She’s giving us a whole tour of visuals – and homework! 

Speaking of visuals though – as we have seen, Beyoncé’s tour outfits have been changing at almost every stop: custom pieces designed by so many major fashion houses and the most exciting designers in the world. From McQueen to Marine Serre, from Lanvin to Loewe, and Iris van Herpen and David Koma and Fendi and so many more. Just this week in Detroit, it was Pharrell for Louis Vuitton designing exclusively for B and Blue. 


Yes, Detroit got Blue. And they loved Blue. This is my favourite moment from her performance – Blue’s mother joining in the chants. 

Get ready New Jersey, you’re next. 

Yours in gossip,