Beyoncé: Entertainer of the Year 

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Beyoncé went to Beychella last year and basically changed the name of the festival. Then she and Jay-Z, the Carters, released an album, Everything is Love. After that they went on tour. At the NAACP Image Awards on Saturday, Jay received the President’s Award and Beyoncé was named Entertainer of the Year. It’s the second time in a week that the Carters have stepped out to be honoured. And, as I wrote last week about their GLAAD Media Awards appearance, they’re selective about where and when and why they show up. Beyoncé, in particular, can make an event just by being there. You may not like her, but you cannot deny that even among celebrities, Beyoncé is the ultimate star. There is nobody bigger than Beyoncé. Which is why, of course, Viola Davis was the one to present to her. You need a Queen to present to a Queen. And Beyoncé, the Queen, took the time she had in her acceptance speech to shout out all the other nominees:


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Back to Beyoncé’s presence though and the effect it can have on people. This is an example of the scene when B was leaving. It’s why Julius has to be there swatting away phones: 


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This is what it was like inside the Dolby and, as Beyoncé Legion has pointed out, this is why they don’t arrive too early. Because the show probably wouldn’t start if more people had the time to run down there and get in the Carters’ faces:  

And this is the moment that everyone’s been talking about – it happens at the end of the video below –and resulted in the BeyHive coming for Omari Hardwick: 

It’s the expression on her face afterwards. It’s hard to relate to Beyoncé, because she’s Beyoncé, but I think many of us have had that look on our faces after a similar situation. The difference here? The people who caused the rest of us to make that face don’t know that we made the face, they never have to see it. Omari Hardwick FOR SURE knows by now that he was the reason Beyoncé made that face. Maybe it’s a public service announcement. 

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