Earlier this week, in my post about Beyoncé, I wrote about the photographer that was seen taking pictures of the Carters during their week or so off before kicking off the North American leg of OTR2, wondering when we’d see the shots. Didn’t have to wait long. 

Beyoncé needs her yacht time. And, through the years, she’s given us so many Yacht Time moments. This year is extra special. Because the twins make an appearance. It’s a gift, really. To the European Beyhive. A new album on her website to thank “Europe for the beautiful memories”. The UK royals do this too. They just did it. They did it last week with Prince Trey’s christening portraits and for Big G’s birthday. That’s how the Beyhive feels about their Queen. Same, same. 

So here they are, the two youngest Carter heirs, Rumi on the right and Sir on the left, presumably: 


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Delicious, right? 

They just turned one last month. It’s been a while since we’ve seen them. They’re mobile now though. If you flip through the album, you’ll see a shot from behind, of Jay holding Rumi’s hand, she’s dressed in a yellow tiered skirt, looking out at the ocean.

Not sure if this was her intention, but Beyoncé understands symbols and messaging better than almost anyone else, so think of the connection between this photo and her lyric in “Boss” off Everything Is Love:

My great-great-grandchildren already rich
That's a lot of brown chil'ren on your Forbes list 

Yacht Time was not always for everyone. 

And now the Blue Ivy Carter is out here LIVING the sh-t out of the yacht life:


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Can we please appreciate Blue’s yacht time wardrobe?!? Look at this swimsuit with the accessories!


Come on. That’s as good as any swimwear editorial! We’re now looking to Blue Ivy Carter for style tips. As the Beyhive responds… just NOW?!