Beyoncé and Jay-Z, along with their children, are currently enjoying some downtime before kicking off the North American leg of OTR2. This weekend, their boat was on the Amalfi Coast. B and J were seen lounging on the deck. Paps got some long range shots of the twins, Rumi and Sir. Can we stop talking now about whether or not she’s pregnant and let her live? It’s summer. She’s enjoying her wine and her cheese and her pasta and she’s still up there on stage every night working that choreo harder than anyone else in the game. 

Some other notes on these photos: 

As we know, Beyoncé is the world’s greatest hoarder and self-archivist. As you can see, there’s someone on that boat with a HQ camera taking her picture. Those are going in storage. How long do we have to wait before we see those shots? Will they go up on Instagram in a few days? Or will they be released with the next video/album… or never? Or will they be passed on to the Blue Ivy Carter for when she drops her own visual album complete with family photos? 

Speaking of Blue, and the highlight of these pictures, check her out with the binoculars up there, master of the seas, surveying her domain. True captain right there.