Dear Gossips,   

It was quite a flex for billionaire Michael Rubin this weekend when he hosted an Independence Day party in the Hamptons and almost every big name celebrity you can think of showed up. Leonardo DiCaprio of course was there because where there’s a party, there’s always Leo, and also the models. And the pro athletes and the musicians. 


But the biggest get on Michael’s guest list – the Queen herself, Beyoncé. She even allowed him to post a photo of her with Jay-Z on his Instagram. It’s in the carousel below. You will note that while Beyoncé granted permission to be photographed, and though Michael shares so many other shots of himself with famous people, that is the extent of her generosity. Michael isn’t IN the photo with her. Her presence is more than enough! 


The Carters appear to have arrived at Michael’s party separately. The paps shot Jay showing up behind the wheel in a vehicle that included his best friend Ty Ty, Corey Gamble, and a man who looks to me like billionaire Vivi Nevo. Miss Tina, meanwhile, got a ride with Kelly Rowland. So … how did B get there? I’m not sure, because I would never dare assume her travel arrangements, but I’d like to believe that at some point in the night, all these celebrities looked up to the sky to celebrate the appearance of Her Majesty Beyoncé as a helicopter deposited her, gently of course, on Michael Rubin’s perfectly manicured lawn. 

And now…? 

Renaissance North America! 

Beyoncé will kick off the North American leg of the tour with two shows starting Saturday here in Toronto. That’s where I’ll be living my whole life – Saturday night, in the presence of the greatest. 


But first, at some point today, I’ll be trying to get to Holt Renfrew for the launch of the Renaissance Flagship which will feature merch from the tour and also include “an exhibition of couture looks from Bey and Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing, allowing fans to get up close and personal with the one-of-a-kind designs for the very first time, marking a historic moment as Beyoncé is the first Black woman to ever oversee a couture collection designed by a Parisian fashion house”. It’s going to be Hunger Games. As I write this apparently the line is around the block and the store doesn’t open until 10am. Beyoncé takes over Toronto. 

Yours in gossip,