Dear Gossips,

Well? Did you watch #BeyoncéHomecoming? Were you transported? Beyoncé Day generated half a million tweets yesterday and universal critical acclaim. Homecoming: The Live Album soared to the top of the charts. And, once again, Beyoncé is trailblazing. 

You’ll recall, when she surprise-dropped her self-titled album, Beyoncé, in 2013, on a seemingly ordinary night in December, it changed the rules in the music industry. Everyone started dropping surprise albums. Here’s what Beyoncé did yesterday to change the game once again: while Homecoming began streaming on Netflix, at the same time, she surprise-released the live album on all major music streaming services – which means it was a concurrent audio-visual domination, making her the biggest story on Apple, Netflix, Google, Spotify, Twitter, and Instagram all at once. Beyoncé has all the Infinity Stones. This is why she has no equal. And she keeps proving it, over and over and over again. This is also why she’s, as Duana says, the patron saint of our podcast, Show Your Work. Our #BeyoncéHomecoming episode – our first LIVE episode – was posted yesterday. Click here to listen!

So…? What’s next? 

Billboard is saying that Homecoming: The Live Album is eligible for some Grammys, including Best Music Film and Album of the Year. I don’t see how Homecoming won’t be a lock for the Best Music Film category but where Album of the Year is concerned…

As you know, as we ALL know, Beyoncé has never won Album of the Year. Lemonade did not win Album of the Year which caused a major Grammys controversy because even Adele, who was the actual winner, didn’t think it was the right call. 

Will Homecoming: The Live Album do it? As she tells us in #BeyoncéHomecoming, she considers Beychella to be the achievement of her career. 

“When I decided to do Coachella, instead of pulling out my flower crown (LOL), it was more important to me that I brought our culture to Coachella. So I studied my history, I studied my past, and I put every mistake…all of my triumphs, my 22-year career into my two-hour homecoming performance.”

She also said that that she “will never push myself that far again”. If she does win for Homecoming: The Live Album, then, she’d be winning for the accomplishment that means the most to her, which also happens to be what the New York Times calls “the most celebrated concert of the internet age”. That is if she even submits it for nomination. There are a lot of people who don’t think the Grammys are relevant anymore. Beyoncé is the most relevant artist in the world. And as the most relevant artist in the world, who hasn’t needed an Album of the Year Grammy to sit on that throne, does Beyoncé even want to share her capital with the Grammys? The Grammys need Beyoncé. Beyoncé doesn’t need the Grammys. Submitting herself for a nomination at the point seems almost like she’d be doing them a favour. 

Yours in gossip,