If ever there was an actor who is not going to keep your franchise secrets, it’s Bill Murray. And indeed, he’s spilled the beans on an appearance in an upcoming Marvel movie, likely Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. Speaking recently to the German paper FAZ, Murray said, “I made a Marvel movie recently. I’m probably not allowed to tell you, but whatever.”


Yeah, that’s about the level of secrecy you can expect from Murray, who has been in the “I don’t give a f-ck” stage of his career for the last, oh, 25 years, at least. Although, to his secret-keeping credit, he doesn’t actually mention the movie by name. He does, however, say that the unnamed director made “the cheerleader movie Bring It On”, and Peyton Reed, the filmmaker behind the Ant-Man franchise, directed Bring It On. So Bill Murray is in Ant-Man 3

Why did Bill Murray agree to be in a Marvel movie, which does not seem at all like his bag? Because of Reed: “…Some people were pretty surprised why I decided on a project like this, of all things. But for me the situation was completely clear: I got to know the director, and really liked him. He was witty, humble, everything you want from a director.”


So just like, Peyton Reed being a decent dude convinced Bill Murray to go through the rigmarole of a Marvel movie. Of course, there is no information on who Murray is playing, but I bet it’s a one-off part, regardless. It does not sound like he’s anxious to repeat the experience. Of making his first, and probably last, Marvel movie, Murray concluded, “I’ve at least tried out what it’s like to shoot a Marvel movie, but I don’t think I need that experience a second time.” I would pay five human dollars to read a day-in-the-life diary of Bill Murray on a Marvel set. Or maybe, instead of a trailer, they could just release a two-minute behind the scenes video of Murray’s experience. Something tells me that could be very entertaining.