There’s been a lot of Billie Eilish news this week, and today’s release of her song and music video, “Your Power”, shows us she’s doing things a little differently this time around. Like, a complete revamp: 



We had a feeling that this new era would be different from anything else she’s done in the past because of her hair transformation last month. The same feeling came about after she revealed the cover art of her new album Happier Than Ever coming out July 30th. This cover art is more on the soft, minimalistic side...

...which is a complete change in direction from the edgy album art from her last album.

Now after watching the video and listening to her new song, we’ve gotten a glimpse into this reimagined Billie. She’s still sticking to her roots with stripped back songs that heavily depend on her vocals. But Billie is growing up, and we can see the changes. The nude colour palette is STUNNING and instead of wearing her cool baggy Gucci with bright colours and big chains, she’s in minimalistic neutrals. Even with the complete change in her look, it feels like a natural shift. We still have glimpses of the old Billie, such as the huge snake that’s just chilling around her neck in the video (AHHH). No biggie for her though, she’s had spiders crawl out of her mouth in the past.


It also turns out that the video was created and directed by Billie. And of course she also wrote these gorgeous lyrics too. Here’s the chorus… 

“Try not to abuse your power

I know we didn't choose to change

You might not wanna lose your power

But power isn't pain”

I’ve had the song on repeat since it was released, and I’m not planning on turning it off anytime soon. Her voice is so buttery and soothing, and the guitar in the background gives me “road trip to nowhere at sunset” vibes. 


Billie’s gift is putting complicated concepts into lyrics – relatable to any demographic, even though she’s still a teen and I am so happy to see her stay true to herself throughout it all. I think the driving force behind this dramatic shift feeling so natural is that she’s been the creative mind behind it, not some music executives in an office somewhere. It’s also pretty cool to see her try new things without feeling obligated to do what other people expect. I loved green-haired Billie, but I feel like I’m gonna love blonde-haired Billie even more. 


Here’s the tracklist for Happier Than Ever coming out July 30th! 

1. Getting Older

2. I Didn’t Change My Number

3. Billie Bossa Nova

4. my future

5. Oxytocin


7. Lost Cause

8. Halley’s Comet

9. Not My Responsibility

10. OverHeated

11. Everybody Dies

12. Your Power

13. NDA

14. Therefore I Am

15. Happier Than Ever

16. Male Fantasy