As noted in the previous post, Pharrell's high-profile friends and collaborators showed up for him, huge, last night in Paris as he presented his first menswear collection for Louis Vuitton. The fact that Beyoncé, who is currently on tour, took time and energy to be there in support is in and of itself a massive deal. And we all know by now how Beyoncé operates – at premieres and award shows, Beyoncé doesn’t walk in where everyone else walks in. Beyoncé has her own entrance, only it didn’t work that way where LV held their event, so B and Jay had to basically share the same space as everyone else, which is why there are actually pap shots of her arrival. She agreed to that, for Pharrell. This is respect! 


As you can see, before the show started, all the guests were gathering on the bridge before taking their seats. Again, this is remarkable, that Beyoncé was among them, and it was up to Julius of course to create separation between B and alllll the thirst that could have potentially come up and try to get close to her. That’s why the moment with Zendaya is one of my favourites. Check it out – Julius grants access to Zendaya and Law Roach to make the approach. Meech said it best: 


And Z was seated next to B during the show, B looked like she was feeling it!

Thank you, universe, for this gift. The internet truly appreciates it. But the universe held back – she couldn’t give us everything. In an alternate dimension, it could have been three of them. It could have been Beyoncé, Zendaya, and Rihanna. Can you imagine? 


Maybe we’re just not ready. Because Rihanna, as usual and on brand, was late. She and Rocky arrived and were coordinated. 


And they were their own party. 

I can’t with how cute they are – look at this: 


Here they are with Pharrell, and she tells him exactly what this meant, and why so many people made the trip: 

That’s the bigger significance here with Pharrell taking over from Virgil Abloh – the creative direction of one of the most recognisable fashion houses in the world is being shaped by Black talent, and it was Black creatives who were the big story in Paris last night.