Dear Gossips,   

It’s been a long 18 months for Blinks. That’s how long it’s been since BLACKPINK released THE ALBUM. Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé are the most-followed artists on YouTube. They are the biggest girl group in the world. And now they’re on the cover of the new issue of Rolling Stone,  the first girl group to make the cover in over 20 years, not since Destiny’s Child and before that the Spice Girls. 


BLACKPINK is also the first female Asian group to cover the magazine. Which means… a comeback. It’s confirmed in the interview that they are readying a new album for this year. New music means new videos and if you’ve been visiting this site over the years I think you know how I feel about BLACKPINK videos. It’s a visual feast – the makeup, the hair, the looks, the choreo… it’s been too long since we’ve had that porn in our lives. 


The Rolling Stone piece, by Haeryun Kang, does a good job of being both an introduction to BLACKPINK for those in the west who remain ignorant to their success with enough details about each member to satisfy their devoted fans. Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé reminisce about their early days as trainees, their struggles to make it through the grueling process of becoming an idol through the K-pop system, how they rebelled, and why that spirit of rebellion became one of the reasons they went on to global stardom. But also the impact of that stardom on their lives: the pressure and expectation, the self-doubt, the lack of privacy. And, of course, how their individual goals as artists line up with their group goals. 

What the article doesn’t mention is what some fans (me included) have been wondering about for a long time. And there’s a chance this might be controversial because some might read this is as unsupportive so if you don’t hear from me ever again, this could be the reason – but it took a long time for BLACKPINK to come out with THE ALBUM back in 2020 and before that it was a series of single albums, like with just two songs, and a couple of EPs. The point is, they don’t have an extensive catalogue and part of the frustration and confusion is why there isn’t more output. To be clear, before the attacks begin, in no way is this their fault. Rather it’s a question for their label and their management because they are the crown jewels of YG Entertainment, and if you’re studying BLACKPINK through an industry lens, it’s a mystery as to why it took four years after their official debut for THE ALBUM to be released, and it was only eight tracks. 


Of course it’s not a bad thing to be super selective and I’m not saying they should just record junk and throw it onto an album as filler. But given all four members’ range of talent – from songwriting to vocals to rapping to dance to acting – it’s been curious, the stop and starts over the course of BLACKPINK’s career and I’m not sure that they’ve really taken advantage of the momentum that they’ve generated at times when they’ve seen big success with their music. 

It will be interesting then to see what the strategy will be when the new album comes out, and how they follow up on what will for sure be a major force across worldwide charts. Already we’re seeing signs of a new level of ambition. Showing up on the cover of Rolling Stone and essentially announcing via the magazine that the new album is on the way, they’re aiming for a global takeover. Given their popularity, and the devotion of their fanbase, that won’t be a problem. It’s how they sustain it this time that’s the question. 


Yours in gossip,