BLACKPINK’s Jennie was in Paris for Chanel today and, not surprisingly, her arrival generated the most crowd hype – which is what typically happens when Jennie shows up for Chanel; or, for that matter, any member of BLACKPINK for their respective fashion houses. It was the same with Jisoo the other day at Dior.


Jennie revealed last week that she’d sustained an injury on her face while at the gym. That clearly wasn’t an issue with her appearance today. She wore a bandage under her right eye which you can barely tell from a distance and up close, it kinda looks badass, like almost intentional.  

Jennie Ruby Jane attends the Chanel Womenswear Fall Winter 2023-2024 show as part of Paris Fashion Week on March 07, 2023 in Paris, France

This is such a good look overall though – the jumpsuit in classic Chanel bouclé, the delicate belt, and this hairstyle which I am ripping off immediately. From the front it’s a thin braid over the shoulder. But check out the back:  



So that’s the fashion part of it. The gossip part of it is that there were rumours a while back that Jennie and V from BTS were a thing but there hasn’t been an update on that since last fall. However, V is very close friends with Park Seo Jun (they’re co-starring in a reality show right now on Prime Video called Jinny’s Kitchen), and Park Seo Jun was also at the Chanel show, as he too is a Chanel ambassador. Their interactions have gone viral:  


Are these two people who have a mutual close contact in common? Or are they awkward strangers who’ve just met? Physical touch is a whole different thing in eastern cultures and especially where idols are concerned so as to minimise speculation and drama among fans. So it’s not like in Hollywood where if  you run into someone on a carpet, you can just casually put your arm around them for a photo. That said, I’m reading familiarity here. Doesn’t look to me like it’s the first time they’ve been in each other’s company? And just saying that could get me in some deep fan sh-t so let’s pivot to the work and focus on Park Seo Jun because … Marvel.  

It is confirmed that he’s in The Marvels, scheduled for release in November – at least so far, since they’ve already moved the release date twice. There was some speculation that perhaps a trailer would drop during the Super Bowl but that never happened, so we still don’t know much about Seo Jun’s role. Though his participation was confirmed long ago, they’re not saying who he’s playing. In late December, an internet rumour surfaced that it might be Prince Yan, Captain Marvel’s husband. But since this is the MCU, there’s been no comment about whether or not that’s true.  


Since this is the MCU, though, Park Seo Jun’s involvement, whatever it turns out to be, with Captain Marvel, will take his career to a whole new level. He already has a big global fanbase after starring in several hit Korean drama series and then when you add to that the Marvel factor, well, by the end of the year, a lot more of you will be thirsting for him with me.  

Can we appreciate how well he wears a cross-body?!

South Korean actor Park Seo-Jun is seen on departure at Incheon International Airport on March 05, 2023 in Incheon, South Korea