BLACKPINK’s label announced yesterday that the group’s first full-length album will be released on October 2. Given how popular and successful Jennie, Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé are, it’s hard to believe that they’ve never actually put out a full-length album. That’s also why their fans have been so vocal the last few years about how they’re being managed. I don’t know that there’s a satisfying answer as to why it took this long. But that explains why the album is being called The Album. Here’s the artwork. It’s black, it’s pink, and it’s a crown. 


Last week the label also confirmed that a new BLACKPINK single would be dropping some time in August featuring…?

Who is the “?”? 

Early speculation is that it’ll be Ariana Grande since she’s been liking some posts on social media. But now, seemingly out of nowhere, a new name has become a possibility – and it’s an equally big name: 



In response, the band’s label said in a statement that it was “difficult to confirm” and asked fans to be patient until they’re ready to let people know. So that’s not exactly a denial but at the same time, they must love the hype. Not that BLACKPINK needs any more hype. Again, this is a group without a full-length album and their music rules YouTube and other social media platforms. Any song would be enough (as we just saw with “How You Like That”) and an album is over and above enough and a collaboration is a bonus, sure. But whether it’s Ariana or Selena (and either is great, I’m here for it), the point is that whoever it is, BLACKPINK will be serving up a complete menu, total package of entertainment – from the music to the videos to the LOOKS. As Vogue recently said of the “How You Like That” video, BLACKPINK is giving us a “fashion extravaganza” at a time when there aren’t that many opportunities to appreciate the art of fashion in motion. And we should have allllll expectations that the new song will deliver both musically AND aesthetically. Stay ready in your area. BLACKPINK is coming for the Song of the Summer too.