One of the bigger celebrity stories during this lockdown has been about Bruce Willis and his wife Emma Heming and why he was isolating with Demi Moore and their daughters and Emma wasn’t around. People were suspicious, even though there was obviously no drama. And then when the no drama-ness of it was all confirmed and we got a reason, the interest went away. So now…do you care that Bruce and Emma are reunited? (Dlisted) 


I love the FUG girls but I have to disagree here: I wouldn’t call Blake Lively’s past Met Gala outfits all that “memorable”. In fact, I had to be reminded of what she’s worn to the Met Gala by looking through the FUG gallery. And since no one noticed in the past that Blake’s Met Gala dresses always matched the carpet, doesn’t that kind of prove my point? She’s never been one of the people we wait for at the Met Gala. But I’ll stop talking about her clothes now because, you know, she’d take exception. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Yes. We are trying to be a less judgy society. But … like… can we still judge fun sh-t? Like the crazy decisions people make about food? This is a conversation about ketchup. I will cape for ketchup 90% of the time because I do love it. There are, however, some exceptions. I will never accept ketchup on steak. Just like I will never accept well-done steak. If you put ketchup on your fried rice, you are dead to me. And ketchup on tacos!?! This is a crime! (TMZ) 

Speaking of food debates though, how about ice cream…with chips? How about chips IN your ice cream? Yes, I will absolutely f-ck with this and I would definitely f-ck with this over ketchup on tacos! Ketchup on tacos! I am still not over this! (Cele|bitchy) 

This is an excellent question and I wish I would have thought to answer it: why are so many celebrities getting “fake cancelled” on Twitter? And when will it stop? Will it stop? (The Mary Sue)