Over the years, Blake Lively has become one of the perennial stars of the Met Gala. Even when I don’t love what she wears, I believe there is intentionality and thought that goes into her looks on every red carpet, but sometimes, I just plain love what she wears, such as her gold peacock dress from the 2017 Met Gala, or 2018’s spectacular Catholic-inspired number. Both of these are Versace, and yesterday, she returned to Versace once more and delivered another knockout look. Just enjoy this dress and its unfolding:


She came in and it was bronze and metallic and geometric, and then they turned it out and it was that beautiful turquoise, reminiscent of how copper ages. It’s very “Statue of Liberty, but make it fashion”. And that’s deliberate, in speaking with Vogue, Lively mentions that the draping on the skirt is mean to echo the Statue of Liberty’s draping, and her copper diadem by Lorraine Schwartz has seven points to represent the seven spikes of the statue’s crown.


The train has constellations from Grand Central Station’s ceiling! Love it. I love when people dress to the theme at the Met Gala, I don’t care if it’s anything you or I or anyone would wear in real life, the Met Gala IS NOT REAL LIFE.  The theme this year is part two of “In America: An Anthology of Fashion”, and Lively chose to interpret New York’s iconic architecture and landmarks, which she did effectively, and also she is wearing a legit great dress. Great drama, great colors on her, great train for the stairs. All around, top notch effort.

Ryan Reynolds was also present.