It’s the universally recognised sound you hear when someone gets dunked on. It’s the sound you’re hearing today because we all just got dunked on. By Blue Ivy of the House Knowles-Carter, first of her line, the platinum, queen of the Twitter and princess of the Beyhive, goddess of the great celebrity ecosystem, breaker of trolls, and mother of shade.

Jay Z’s 4:44 is now available in hard copy with three bonus tracks. The other two don’t matter right now. What matters is that Blue Khaleesi is featured on a song called Blue’s Freestyle/We Family. And, well, at 5 years old, she lives up to all her titles:

Like, I’m not around children enough to be able to understand every word she’s saying but I can hear the words that matter:

Never seen a ceiling in my whole life!

Boomshakalaka, indeed.

First of all, it’s just too f-cking cute. Especially when you know, YOU KNOW, that the B.I.C. has the facial expressions in her arsenal to back that sh-t up.

But also? The fact that Blue Ivy Carter, the Stormborn (on a blustery rainy day in January in New York City in 2012), can legitimately say that she’s “never seen a ceiling in my whole life”? It’s a beautiful thing. It’s not an old thing. It’s a new thing. It’s, unfortunately, not a thing that happens often. For a young black girl to actually say – and mean – that she’s “never seen a ceiling”? Come on. Just the thought of that was radical. Is still radical.

And, really, there’s no “but” here. But look at who her parents are! But this kind of privilege is gross! But what kind of message is this sending for someone so young to be so entitled?!

Sure. If the person you’re talking about, if the person talking about no ceilings, for example, has “Windsor” or “Bush” for a last name. Then, yeah, it is gross. Because no ceilings for them is the way it’s been institutionalised – at the expense of other communities whose labours went uncredited and exploited. But a Blue Ivy Carter who doesn’t know what a ceiling is? That’s an assault on the very institution that has been making it so impossible for Blue Ivy Carters to exist. Blue’s “bragging” then, if you want to call it that, Blue’s freestyle, then, is a boomshakala on a system of oppression. Every time she dunks on it, it gets weaker.

And now let’s turn it over to Black Twitter, basically what I’ll be doing all day: