Dear Gossips,

Earlier this year, I came across several articles about board games. About how the industry is booming. How the board game industry has seen huge growth. How millennials are discovering, well, what previous generations had been obsessed with forever. When millennials catch on to something though… you know. Apparently board gaming is now a trend on Wall Street too. CEOs are starting weekly board game clubs. And that’s where some serious networking has been happening. 

I have always loved board games. That was our New Year’s Eve for over a decade when we lived in Vancouver – stay in, eat, drink, board games. It’s an aggressive obsession. Jacek dreads playing with me. I never want to stop. On The Social we have an annual hotel night sleepover tradition every June. This year we decided not to leave our room, not to get out of pyjamas, and we ended up playing board games all night. One board game. Melissa Grelo introduced us to Codenames. It’s not new but it was new to me. And that was it. That’s all I ever want to do. I’ve been waiting for weeks to play it again and it happened last night at Duana’s when we finally got together with our friends Lorella and Paolo. 

Codenames is about using word strategy. So I knew, I KNEW Duana and Lorella, who both love words, would be hooked. And they were. Duana was so cracked out on it that she wouldn’t let us leave and she and Jacek got into a shouting match because it was almost 1am and he wanted to go home and we (the girls team) were insisting on one more speed round. I guess I should mention here that we lost. If I’m having a hard time with this I know it’s killing Duana. 

Playing Codenames as often as possible is now my new goal in life. I’m actually thinking about taking it to LA this weekend for the Crazy Rich Asians junket because afterwards I’m meeting up with Kathleen and Liz Trinnear and I want to talk them into Codenames all night instead of going out to a bar. They’re millennials. I wonder if they’d be into that. Supposedly they’d be into that? 

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,