Here’s one thing that sucks more for celebrities than civilians. If you’re a civilian, and you’re way over someone, you don’t have to deal with millions of people not being over them on your behalf. Like nobody in my life is pining over any of my exes. I mean, almost everyone I’ve dated, with maybe two exceptions, was heinous but still. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have been over longer than they were even together. It’s been almost 15 years since they broke up. They’re over it – but the world isn’t. 

Brad was out the other day when he ran into some paparazzi. One of them asked the question. The question about Jennifer Aniston. He laughed. His response, “Oh my God”. 

I read it as “oh my God, are you seriously asking me that?” Others, of course, are reading it like, “OMG, he didn’t say no! Which means it’s totally happening!” Like any answer that isn’t “f-ck no!” can be taken as hope. 

I get it. It would be a huge gossip story. My worry is that in focusing on the gossip story we “want” (which isn’t a story at all) we might miss the story we “need”. Like if everyone’s busy hoping for Brad and Jen to get back together, will they be paying attention if Brad and Jen are actually dealing with someone else? And LEGITIMATELY someone else? Because the Sun in the UK reported that Brad and Charlize Theron were together a few months ago and, despite the clear stink that accompanied that article, everyone bought it until Charlize was like, nope, never happened. 

Don’t let bad gossip distract us from good gossip!