Just over six months ago, back in June 2021, some on a Swedish podcast said that Brad Pitt was dating Lykke Li. Lykke is from Sweden but based in LA. The tip about the podcast was sent to DeuxMoi and there hadn’t been any significant new developments since, until last week when DeuxMoi received another tip from someone claiming to have seen Brad and Lykke at Mother Wolf, the new Hollywood spot for celebrities. 


Now the Sun is jumping in on it and citing a source who confirms that it was indeed Brad and Lykke at Mother Wolf and that they live three minutes apart, which is why they’ve been able to stay lowkey.  

Is this a case of where there’s smoke? As I wrote the first time I posted about these two, Brad Pitt + Lykke Li isn’t a combination that even the Sun or the Daily Mail or some lower tier tabloid could conjure out of thin air because their imagination would limit them to making up a story about Brad and Jennifer Aniston getting back together. And, as I also said at the time, an artist like Lykke certainly brings the kind of cool factor that Brad gets off on. Plus, why not get in on the gossip when Angelina Jolie’s been in the headlines for possibly dating The Weeknd? I buy this rumour more than I do the one about Brad and Alia Shawkat a couple of years ago.