It’s been weeks, maybe more, since we’ve seen Brad Pitt. Here he is in Baker, California on the set of James Gray’s Ad Astra, a film about space travel. Which I think explains what he’s wearing, if there’s any CGI involved. Or if he has to spend part of the movie in a space suit.

Is this his first time on a film set since World War Brange? His last two films were Allied and War Machine, both of which, if I’m remembering right, were shot while he and Angelina Jolie were still together. Ad Astra also stars Tommy Lee Jones who, presumably, is playing Brad’s father. Well that’ll be a fun junket. Tommy Lee Jones is famously terrifying in an interview. And Brad Pitt, when he does interviews, is famously non-conversational. Good luck to whoever has to interview them when they’re paired.

Interestingly, Ruth Negga is also part of the cast. I could totally, totally see Brad Pitt falling in love with Ruth Negga. Ruth, of course, has been with Dominic Cooper for years. And there’s no reason to believe that they won’t be together for many more. My only point is that Ruth is beguiling. And mysterious. Sexy as f-ck… and a little bit out of reach, right? That’s a Brad Pitt kind of vibe.

Back to what’s going on with Brad right now though – I’m still having a hard time processing that we’ve been through a year now post-Brange. Many things have changed. The biggest things have changed. But some things will never change. Before Brange broke, the tabloids kept trying to convince us that he wanted to go back to Jennifer Aniston. Now that they have broken, the tabloids are still trying to convince us that he wants to go back to Jennifer Aniston. Who actually believes this anymore?