Over the last few months, I’ve been writing about Brad Pitt’s slow-rolling as the gossip about him has seemed to be building toward…something. We’ve heard about how he’s been “casually dating”. There was that curiously bogus story about Angelina Jolie dating a real estate agent that was just as quickly shut down… and, as I noted at the time, it felt like it was a set-up, and not coming from Angelina herself. 

Page Six broke the news yesterday that Brad’s been “spending time” with Neri Oxman, a renowned artist, architect, and academic based at MIT. Apparently Brad was referred to her for a project that he’s working on and while the report stops short of calling it a romance, this is where they’re leading us. Sources have told Page Six that this is a “professional friendship” and yet. And yet. It plays perfectly into that slow-roll I’ve been smelling. Also, for Brad post-Angelina, he probably could not do better than Neri Oxman. Her resumé is impressive as f-ck. She’s highly regarded, described as a one-of-a-kind creative intellectual. We’ve known for years that he gets off on the art thing and now he may be hooking up, not with a 22 year old model, but with one of the leading visionaries in the field. It’s a major ego boost. It’s the biggest ego boost. Because where do you go after Angelina Jolie, right? In Hollywood, in that circle, there’s really no topping Angelina Jolie. Somehow he found the Angelina Jolie of the design world. And Dr Oxman looks like a combination of Angelina Jolie and Julia Ormand in Legends Of The Fall. Check out this photo of her - don’t tell me I didn’t f-cking nail that comparison. Now you’re picturing Tristan and Susannah. 

So if this has been a slow-roll, and we’re just now getting to what Brad’s been slowly rolling out, how long before we see them together properly? When’s the next major art conference? The AIA Conference on Architecture is happening in New York City in June. Dr Oxman was the keynote there in 2016. Possible?