TIME published an op-ed by Angelina Jolie a few days ago about “Why Girls Deserve Love and Respect on International Women’s Day” in which she wrote about the bond between her daughters, how nurturing they are of one another, sharing (with the encouragement of her children) that two of her daughters, believed to be Zahara and Shiloh, had recently had surgery. Shiloh was then seen this week using crutches. This, then, is how Angelina was spending her time during award season. And, as we found out very shortly after her essay was posted, it’s also why Brad Pitt wasn’t at the BAFTAs. 

“Brad Pitt missed the BAFTAs to be by his daughter’s side as she recovered from an operation, multiple sources confirm to Page Six

In February, the star canceled his trip to London at the last minute — and sent co-star Margot Robbie in his place to pick up his gong for his role in Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in … Hollywood.”

He cited a “family obligation” at the time, as a source close to the actor told us: “The children come before anything.”

As ex-wife Angelina Jolie revealed that two of their daughters have recently undergone surgery, a friend of the family confirmed that Pitt — who dedicated his Oscar win to his six kids — stayed home in LA to support his daughters.

However, the friend admitted that Pitt had never spoken publicly about his kids — and never will — as Jolie spoke out.”

Oh hi petty, who you callin’ petty? Team Brad is out here suggesting that he doesn’t leak to the media…while leaking to the media. It’s almost a throwback how UNconsciously uncoupled these two are, non? Here’s a fun question: who’s more likely to reunite – Brange or the Sussexes and the British royal family? 

In other Brad news, he’s doing HGTV now. The Property Brothers just announced yesterday that they have a new show called Celebrity IOU and it’s about celebrity renovations as a thank you for someone special in their lives. They’ve secured some pretty big names for the first season: Viola Davis, Melissa McCarthy, Jeremy Renner, Michael Buble, and, yes, Brad Pitt. 

Interestingly Brad’s the only one of the celebrities who doesn’t speak in the trailer: 

This is a Show Your Work thing that we’re always fascinated by – and sure, it could just be that Brad’s audio happened to be f-cked and they couldn’t find a usable clip to cut into the preview. That seems unlikely to me, though, because these people are professionals and if there’s anyone you want to mic properly, it’s the biggest celebrity get for their show. Maybe they’re holding Brad back to build the thirst, draw the audience in, and not give too much away. Or maybe it’s contractual. A celebrity like Brad Pitt, with his level of representation, isn’t casually showing up on a reality show and giving them all kinds of licence to do with his likeness and his voice as they choose. If only there was a reality show about celebrity contracts and negotiations, you know? I’d watch the sh-t out of it.