You know one more angle we should consider re: Brad Pitt going to Jennifer Aniston’s 50th birthday party? What’s in it for him? Winning back the MiniVan Majority, right? And here’s the next phase of that – “sources” letting it be known that while he doesn’t look back, he also realises he could have handled his split with her better. Blatant sucking up, non? (Dlisted)

I like a man in a turtleneck. But it depends on the man. Chadwick Boseman looks GREAT in a turtleneck. Drake didn’t look too bad in his turtleneck at the Grammys but then my friend Lorella said it reminded her of The Rock’s throwback photo, you know the one with the fanny pack? I couldn’t unsee it after that. Richard Madden in a turtleneck? OK, I guess. But it’s the colour here that isn’t working. (Cele|bitchy) 

You know how I’ve been saying for the last few months that I’m really into a mom jean? Felicity Jones looks so good in these mom jeans. Seriously. If you haven’t, try on a pair of mom jeans. Her mom jeans in particular feel like she’s extending her turn as Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It’s a throwback to that era, isn’t it? (Go Fug Yourself) 
Meghan Markle was an actor before she became a duchess. So, naturally, her work is out there. Most of it. There is still some unseen material though and now that she’s Royal Meghan, they’re trying to release as much of it as they can. This movie looks terrible. Few people in Hollywood get to the good sh-t without going through the bad sh-t. Some of them try to suppress the bad sh-t. Leonardo DiCaprio and Don’s Plum, remember? (Pajiba) 

Regina King is heading to the Oscars next weekend. Nothing is holding her back from going. Even basketball players are doing the most to protect her. (TMZ) 

Avril Lavigne released a new song yesterday with Nicki Minaj called “Dumb Blonde”. It’s not the greatest song ever written. But it’s a really, really fun one. I don’t hate it. I’ve added it to my treadmill playlist. It’s Avril’s best track in years. (Vogue)