Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk were photographed leaving a medical building in LA yesterday. According to the paps, the medical building “specialises in pregnancy”. And they look happy. So…?

Wait, the entire building specialises in pregnancy? It’s possible that there are other medical specalisations in the building, right? Like, obviously, it’s to the photo agency’s advantage to get this detail out there. And, obviously, from a gossip perspective, that would be the story. I just don’t know if there’s a story…yet. Let’s keep an eye on it. 

In other Coop news, after a quiet 2017 out of the spotlight to spend time with Irina and their baby and shoot A Star Is Born, we should see a lot more of him towards the second half of the year after yet another date change for the film. In December, just before Christmas, which is why we haven’t talked about it yet, it was announced that ASIB will be released in October. Originally it was supposed to be released in September. Then they pushed it up to May, which is why I thought it would premiere in Cannes. Now it’s back to October. So I wonder now if the studio has seen a cut of the film, decided that it is in fact good enough to back for an award season run next year, and made room for it on the schedule in the fall. Also a good reason to be smiling. One more reason to be smiling?