It’s been about six months since it was first revealed that Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid were dating. Since then they seem to be less and less reticent about being seen. Not that they go out of their way to be seen, but if they are seen, they’re not looking for a dumpster to avoid being photographed.


So here they are in New York this week, out for lunch with a friend, and there was some PDA and nobody’s booking it down an alley when the car pulls up. Which, of course, is totally unlike what it was when Gigi was allegedly dating Bradley’s FRIEND, Leonardo DiCaprio. 


I say allegedly because while the two were spotted leaving a restaurant here and there during the time they were supposed to be together, none of the photos that were ever taken of Leo and Gigi are anything like the photos of him with his current bonafide, Vittoria Ceretti, or like the photos of Gigi with Bradley. Whatever was going on between Leo and Gigi, she wasn’t sticking around long. Especially not when she had the opportunity with his FRIEND, BCoop. 


Do we talk about this enough? There have been rumours that Bradley and Leo, who’ve been friends for years, are no longer friends because of Gigi. None of that reporting is coming from legit publications or outlets but, like, there is a conversation here because it was literally back-to-back. On multiple levels: back-to-back as in right after Gigi and Leo’s situationship ended and back-to-back after rumours that Leo was dealing with Bradley’s ex, Irina Shayk. Further, Bradley and Leo have both been on the award circuit this season. But I haven’t been able to find a photo of them together – if you’ve seen one let me know. Do you think the friendship is intact? 

Another question: will Gigi attend the Oscars with Bradley? It’s highly unlikely I know…but is it totally impossible? My point at the beginning of this post, that they seem to be pretty chill about people knowing that they’re a thing – chill enough to walk their first red carpet together at the Oscars? I want this for us. It’s a better storyline than Bradley being the Oscar villain. Let’s discuss at The Squawk today. (app link here)