Bradley Cooper picked up three Oscar nominations yesterday for Maestro, for writing, acting, and producing the film. He did not, however, get nominated as a director, and where everyone rose up on behalf of Greta Gerwig, it kind of felt like everyone equally agreed to be fine with BCoop’s snub. I don’t like Maestro enough to think it should have gotten any nominations, but I will settle for the sort-of justice that if Greta Gerwig didn’t get nominated, at least Cooper didn’t, either.


Here is BCoop heading out of NYC yesterday. At least we know he’s not going to see the Eagles play this weekend, since they were eliminated from the NFL playoffs a couple weeks ago. Come to think of it, it’s been a rough month for BCoop so far. His team is out of the playoffs, he didn’t get nominated for an Oscar as a director, he’s not favored to win in any of his categories. I guess he’ll just have to settle for being a triple nominee (again). For some people, the nomination IS the win. Something tells me, though, that’s not enough for Bradley Cooper. He wants to win, dammit!