When I saw these new photos of Bradley Cooper in LA, my first thought was… oh there’s his face! It’s not that BCoop hasn’t been papped during the pandemic, but mostly when he’s been papped it’s been with a mask on. And a hat. And here he is, no mask, no hat, so a look at his face for the first time in a long, long time. His hair, as you can see, is also cut quite short now. I wonder if this was because of not being able to get a proper cut during the pandemic and a case of just taking a pair of clippers and buzzing it off. This is even shorter than it was in American Sniper. In fact, you know what this hair length on Bradley reminds me of? 


Sack Lodge!

I just lost it watching back a couple of scenes. Like… is it OK to still find parts of this movie really, really funny? 




He is seriously underrated in Wedding Crashers. This is why there should be more comedic roles considered for Oscars. Why does it always have to be dramatic acting? Not everyone could go all in like a f-cking douchebag as well as BCoop did in this movie. The energy he brings to Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers is in this vein. And there’s a bit of it in The Hangover as well. 

If we’re talking awards though, this year Bradley may be in the conversation because he’s in a Paul Thomas Anderson film that will be released during holiday season. The movie was formerly titled Soggy Bottom and is now currently without a title, or at least it hasn’t been announced, but since this is PTA, you know it’s going to be heavily nominated. Set in the 70s, it’s about a high school student and aspiring actor trying to break into Hollywood. BCoop plays a director and producer. You may remember his costume: 

Bradley Cooper on set of untitled Paul Thomas Anderson film, August 2020

This is a supporting role for Bradley. Cooper Hoffman, son of Philip Seymour Hoffman, plays the lead character. PTA’s film is a coming-of-age story, and Bradley is likely one of the people who shapes Cooper Hoffman’s character. There are a LOT of Coopers in this movie, LOL. Ben Affleck, by the way, who is close with BCoop, is also starring this year in a coming-of-age film (The Tender Bar), also dressed in 70s costume, and could also be a contender for Best Supporting Actor. Ben and Bradley might be a storyline this fall, look out for it. I will now put my crystal ball away.