It’s been just over a month since news broke that Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk ended their relationship. According to TMZ, the two have agreed to live and co-parent their daughter in New York instead of LA:

Sources connected to the former couple tell us, they have agreed to joint legal and physical custody of 2-year-old Lea De Seine. We're told it's a 50/50 split, although with work schedules it varies from month to month.
And, what's more ... our sources say they do NOT have a formal, written custody agreement.  They're so in sync with co-parenting, they don't feel the need to memorialize it.

We're also told they agreed to live in the same city ... New York City. They had a home in L.A. and also one in New York that they bought last October. It's unclear if Bradley will still be spending much time in L.A.
If they don’t need paperwork for their custody agreement, that to me is a sign that the split was quite amicable. You know, and we have seen, how it can get when the adults aren’t getting along. That’s when the lawyers get involved. That’s when they do insist on getting things in writing and haggle over what to get in writing. 

Interesting about New York though. Irina wasn’t super connected to LA before Bradley so, presumably, all that time she spent in LA is related to his work. For her work, New York makes a lot more sense. If there’s any insight then to be gained from this, it may be what part location had to play in why their relationship didn’t work out. 

Here’s Bradley out in New York the other day after having lunch with Laura Dern. When these shots came out a few days ago, people were raising their eyebrows – possible new couple? If they are a new couple, how new could they be if he’s wearing these pants? I’m serious. These pants he had on are “we’ve gotten to know each other and already comfortable in our relationship” pants. I’m not feeling much here in the way of romance. But Bradley is working on his next feature, the Leonard Bernstein biopic. Could he have been talking to her about the project? Bradley will star in and direct the film and Bernstein is a complicated figure, as his daughter Jamie shares in her memoir, Famous Father Girl. He was bisexual, married to her mother, Felicia, for 27 years, and that was a source of a lot of tension in their relationship. I wonder how much of a deep dive Bradley’s taking here with the story. We heard all about how obsessive he was while he was making A Star is Born. All that will probably be tripled on the Bernstein film.