There’s been some rumouring about a possible Jackson Maine and Ally reunion happening this week at Glastonbury which starts on Wednesday. DJ Edith Bowman said on her show yesterday that she’s heard about a secret performance and that, previously, when she interviewed Bradley Cooper, likely during promotion for A Star is Born, he had mentioned that he and Lady Gaga were talking to the festival organisers and that he’d be into doing a 6-song set. You can imagine the reaction. Coop and Gaga have performed before – once during her show in Vegas and again at the Oscars. Neither one of those performances, though, really reflected the performances we saw in the movie, in front of concert audiences, Bradley playing guitar. Glastonbury would be the perfect setting for it. 

And there’s intrigue right now because Coop is single, having just confirmed the end of his relationship with Irina Shayk. The people who wanted so badly to believe that Coop and Gaga are as in love IRL as they were as their characters in the movie see a glimmer of hope. But Emily Eavis, one of the heads of Glastonbury, is now shutting it down: 

So are they trying to protect the surprise? Or is this all bullsh-t? IF – and it’s an enormous IF – Coop is doing some kind of thing with Gaga at Glastonbury, he needs a LOT of rehearsal. It’s one thing to sing and play the way he did in the movie when you have editors and sound technicians in a closed environment. It’s another to sing for thousands of people live, without the benefit of tweaking. Has there been time for rehearsal? Bradley is currently working on his Bernstein film. He was in Philadelphia performing in Candide. In between rehearsals for that, he’s been seen in New York, in and out of Irina’s apartment, co-parenting their daughter. 

I mean, that still leaves *some* time to work out a set with Gaga but probably not the kind of time needed for a professional actor but not-professional musician to go out and kill a set at Glastonbury. But don’t let me stand in the way of you believing in Coop and Gaga: Their True Love Story. 

Attached - Bradley Cooper out in New York the other day.