Bradley Cooper is currently directing himself as Leonard Bernstein in Maestro which is expected on Netflix some time next year. Will be interesting to see when, exactly, next year. Will Maestro follow the same award season path as A Star is Born with a world premiere in Venice before an early fall opening? Or might they consider pushing it earlier and take it to Cannes to build the momentum even earlier early? Netflix and Cannes have a tricky relationship and the streamer hasn’t taken a movie to the festival since 2017; there were some discussions about it for this year but that never happened although festival organisers have been trying to get Netflix back on the Croisette. The politics of it all might still be in play in a year but at the same time, returning to Cannes with a prestige project like Maestro might be exactly the kind of splashy comeback that benefits everyone. 


It might seem like we’re getting ahead of ourselves but with Bradley Cooper directing and starring, and a cast that features Carey Mulligan, Jeremy Strong, Sarah Silverman, and Matt Bomer, this was always going to have Oscar hopes. 

Last week Netflix released production photos to get build anticipation: 


And Bradley and the cast continue to shoot in New York this week. Yesterday he was seen on set with Matt, in an unknown role, filming a kiss scene. I’m into it and I’m wondering how into it people will be when the film comes out. You remember all the shipping that happened with Jackson and Allie and ASIB? Will we see the same energy here for Maestro? Two beautiful men, both with great hair, give me all the kisses, I want lots and lots of kissing.