Well here’s a gossip surprise – Page Six broke the news yesterday that Bradley Cooper is dating Huma Abedin. They apparently went to the Met Gala together but walked the carpet separately. According to Page Six sources, it’s been “a few months”. And that “Bradley broke up with Dianna Agron and started dating Huma”. 


Given the Met Gala connection, this is an Anna Wintour production. “Anna definitely played matchmaker” per the Page Six story. That tracks as Anna is close to both Bradley and Huma but also…

If it’s true that Bradley was seeing Dianna before Huma, and Anna stepped in to cupid him with Huma, well, does that mean Anna wasn’t taking that relationship seriously? Like, how does that conversation even go down? “Bradley… I know you’ve been spending time with that girl from Glee but I think you should have dinner with Huma.” Yep, that tracks too. Dianna hasn’t been to the Met Gala since 2015. 

For Anna, then, Bradley and Huma check all the boxes as a couple. They’re beautiful, around the same age, they both have a child, based in New York, he’s the actor-director who’s now romancing a woman with gravitas…a perfect society dinner invitation, you want them at the table. That’s definitely what Anna would see in them. 


You know who might be disappointed though? BCoop’s friend, Leonardo DiCaprio. The Pussy Posse playbook is to move on from one supermodel to an even younger supermodel. How could Bradley let down the side like this?!  

Next question: where is the leak coming from? Page Six says they’ve verified this with multiple sources and those sources sound like they’re Hollywood and NY based, from both Cooper and Abedin’s camps. So was this a sanctioned confirmation? Were they ready for this to come out? And if that’s the case, does that mean that Bradley and Huma are in it for a stretch? Are they ready to be a new celebrity power couple?