Dear Gossips,   

This one’s for the Gen Xers. Those of us who were Brat Pack obsessed in the 80s. And probably everyone from all generations knows The Breakfast Club, right? Actually no, these days I imagine most associate The Breakfast Club with radio and Charlamagne tha God. 


But the OG Breakfast Club was the 1985 movie about a group of high school kids on Saturday detention. And I’m talking about it today because Ally Sheedy was out yesterday doing some promotion for her series Single Drunk Female. She was on The Today Show and The Breakfast Club came up because she was actually on Today back when the movie was released and she was asked about that time in her life. Which she says was overwhelming because that movie was… well… a major cultural touchstone. It does make me laugh though how we process Ally’s character’s makeover now compared to back then. This tweet cracked me up: 


Seriously though, not lying, I remember haaaaaaating that f-cking headband with the bow even back then. In 2023, Ally’s character’s original look is the preferred one: 

But real-life Ally Sheedy’s 2023 look is excellent. This white suit, right? With the turtleneck and the sneakers? So good!

Yours in gossip,