Sarah’s review of Captain Marvel will go up tomorrow. I saw it a couple of weeks ago. Quick reaction: I had a good time as soon as Brie Larson and Samuel L Jackson started hanging out. They are GREAT together. They’re the superhero BFFs I never expected. Maybe the nerds expected it but I had no idea. Like I might prefer Captain Marvel + Nick Fury over, um, Captain America + Bucky Barnes. I said what I said. 
In real life, Brie and Sam are pretty tight. Captain Marvel is, I think, their fourth project together. One of those projects is Unicorn Store, a film Brie directed and also stars in– Joanna reviewed the film at TIFF a couple of years ago, which means their collaboration has taken on different dimensions. Which also means, I think, that it’s not bullsh-t when they talk about how much affection there is between them. It’s not just in service of promoting the movie and, besides, it’s not like Sam could pretend anyway. This is why they’ve been side-by-side during most of the press tour; sure, it’s because Nick Fury gets more screen time in Captain Marvel than he’s had in the previous MCu movies but it’s also because they seem to really, really enjoy spending time together and that’s part of the sell: one of the movie’s strongest features is their chemistry.

For a taste of that, here they are doing Carpool Karaoke. I am impressed that Sam knows all the words to “7 Rings”. Have I underestimated him? Or did they do their homework? A suggestion, perhaps, for Show Your Work: how much do people study before they go on Carpool Karaoke

Here’s Brie last night at the Captain Marvel New York screening. The movie opens today in Canada and tomorrow in the US. DO NOT LEAVE before the mid-credits. You should know by now how this works.