Following her directorial debut at TIFF—which Joanna liked a lotBrie Larson was spotted arriving in Atlanta with Chris Evans. They’ve known each other for years (and both worked on Scott Pilgrim vs. The World), and Joanna, the resident Brie Larson expert, informs me Larson is still engaged to that guy (Alex Greenwald from Phantom Planet). So there’s nothing smutty happening, but this does confirm that Captain Marvel will be in Avengers 4. I was wondering about that—it’s a close timeline, introducing the character just a couple months before the OG Avengers blowout in May 2019, but it’s shaping up for Larson’s Captain Marvel to be a pillar of the new Avengers going forward, as several—if not all—original cast members are winding down contracts and moving on.

Lainey got confused about what’s going on in Atlanta because they’ve been shooting all year and everything comes in labelled “Avengers: Infinity War”, but they are officially shooting Avengers 4: TBD now. And it’s all the same people, same directors, same, um, challenges. Here’s a game we can play: When the press tours for these movies roll out over the next couple years, let’s count how many synonyms for “difficult” get used to describe this production.

So with Brie Larson in Atlanta, the watch now turns to what she looks like in costume as Captain Marvel. Set photos trickled out throughout the summer, but not nearly as many as you’d think, given the interest in the project. And some characters, like Captain America, are obviously and strategically planned NOT to be revealed too early. There’s a split-second glimpse of Beardy Chris Evans in the Infinity War teaser, but I bet the reveal of Cap in all his shaggy, beardy glory is being held for the actual trailer, which I expect with Thor: Ragnarok. (Evans is clean-shaven in these photos—Cap must get his groom on sometime during Infinity War.)

Marvel knows what fans want to see and they know how to tease it. Which is why I wonder if they’ll let us get a peek at Brie Larson in costume before she goes on to film her own movie in the new year, or if they’ll make us wait. Captain Marvel has not inspired me thus far, but Brie Larson rocking the uniform, issuing orders to the Avengers might get me in the spirit of things. I don’t know if it’s a sign of getting old or what, but suddenly it feels like these franchise movies have to work a little harder to win me over.