Dear Gossips, 

Aside from Lori Harvey and all seven members of BTS, because ARMY will trend RM, Jin, Suga, j-hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook any time of day for no reason (and I’m listing out their names here to remind you that my 2021 hope for you would be to be able name them), my reaction whenever I see a celebrity trending is… “f-ck, what now?” As we learned this week, sometimes the answer to that question is: cannibalism, a word that has appeared more times on this site this week than I ever could have imagined. 


Brie Larson was trending yesterday on Twitter, fortunately it was for a good reason. Maybe she saw the kind of f-cksh-t one of her former co-stars had messed himself up in and decided to come and cleanse our timelines by posting a new video to her YouTube channel. Brie takes multiple personality quizzes, reveals that she’s quite knowledgeable about games and that she’s a reluctant Hufflepuff (LOL FOREVER).

One of her answers on the final quiz, however, is what people were freaking out about. Before we get to the answer that got everyone talking though, the quiz is called “What Brie Larson Character Are You” and it was evidently designed by a Brie Larson fan who opens the quiz with … “I am very gay and I love Brie Larson”. That’s clue #1. And then the first question: “you’re ten years old, how do you spend an hour of recess”. Brie’s response:


Later on she also, in response to a question about The Last Airbender, chooses “nonbender” which you could also interpret in a certain way. 

So did Brie Larson just come out? Can the LGBTQ+ community claim Brie Larson? She’s long been an unproblematic ally and many are wondering if this was her subtle way of telling people she’s queer. In her introduction, she tells her viewers that “before we get into …the future, where we’re going on this channel, I thought it might be good to take a look at the past”. Is this a soft relaunch of who we know Brie Larson to be? And who Brie Larson presents herself to be? 

This video is edited, it’s not an uncut stream, which means that after shooting it, she would have had to review it, make changes, consider each answer, and in leaving that one in, I mean you would think, given that she’s not exactly a novice where online behaviour is concerned, that she’d expect people would be reading into these particular moments, right? Or was it really just an answer – at ten years old, it’s not uncommon for kids to have questions about their sexuality, regardless of their sexual orientation. 

Still. It’s out there, and people are talking about it, they are intrigued, they are excited. I would much rather be intrigued and excited about this than, you know, the other guy. 

Yours in gossip,