Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio, who worked together on Django Unchained, were seen hanging out together this week while on holiday in Italy. There’s a lot of bro energy in these pictures so I’m sure everyone is being super respectful, no doubt. On an unrelated note, do you think there’s a boatful of models waiting on standby nearby? 


As for Jamie’s love life – it’s been almost three years since he and Katie Holmes broke up and remember how it seemed he never wanted to acknowledge their situation for the five years they were together? Here he is recently holding hands with a “mystery woman” earlier this month. I can’t remember seeing him walk out of a restaurant holding hands with Katie… do you? 

Jamie Foxx on a night out with rumoured girlfriend, July 24, 2022

Leo was still with Camila Morrone as of the beginning of the month, though it’s hard to tell from these shots whether or not she’s joined him on this leg of the trip. It’s been at least two weeks that Leo’s been on his Mediterranean holiday. He was with Tobey Maguire and Jennifer Meyer during the first leg and was seen with Camila and family members in Florence before popping up with Jamie this week; if Camila’s with the group, the paps haven’t been able to get any shots of her so far. 

The shots we are getting of Leo, however, are all of him wearing a mask…and I was about to compliment him on his adherence to safety and acknowledging that we’re still in a pandemic (which so many people seem to be ignoring) but I’m not convinced that he’s wearing his mask for COVID protection and not paparazzi protection. This, to me, reads more like he doesn’t want to be photographed and I wonder if he’s just going to be living that mask life forever and ever now since he’s so pap-averse and it was an observation I made back in 2020 about celebrities and masks. They became an inadvertent bonus now that wearing them has been normalised.