Earlier this month, it was reported that there was some tiara drama before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding. Supposedly Royal Meghan wanted to wear a certain tiara and she ended up with another one, even though Harry insisted that “what Meghan wants, Meghan gets”. If you recall, in my post about the tiara situation, my focus was on where these leaks were coming from – especially since Robert Jobson, Prince Charles’s biographer, had just come out with his book. I also gave you a heads up about more leaks and where they would be placed. Because, remember, Robert spent time with Prince Charles’s aides. He was given access to Prince Charles’s inner circle. He was allowed to be around the courtiers. And courtiers are deadly gossips. 

Since the tiara story, there have followed other stories – about Princes William and Harry wanting to separate their courts, about how Royal Meghan gets up at 5am and bombards people with texts full of ideas about what projects she wants to take on and what meetings she’s hoping to have set up. What a bitch for working hard, you know? There have also been suggestions that she’s the Yoko Ono of the royal family, that she’s come between Will, Harry, and Kate. F-ck her for turning a triangle into a square. F-ck her turning a tricycle into a car. 

The latest, published by the Daily Telegraph via the Daily Beast, is that right before her wedding, Royal Meghan made Princess Kate cry during a fitting for Princess Charlotte – the implication being that the divorced former American actress was emotionally abusive towards the mild-mannered future Queen, English-born. Royal Girl Sh-t! 

So… where is this coming from? Well, here’s how it works: the writer does his or her research, they pick up all kinds of information, they try to get as much of that juicy, insider gossip as they can into the book. But not all of it makes it into the final copy. Some of it is too close, can be easily traced back to the source, and if the sources are courtiers, well, they don’t want to have to wear it. Certain details, then, get held back, and then placed in newspapers and/or magazines. Placed = sold. Rumour around London today is that it’s well known among royal reporters that this most recent story, that allegedly came out of Robert Jobson’s research, about Meghan making Kate cry, was supposedly pitched to two publications that turned it down because it couldn’t get past legal before it landed at the Daily Telegraph.

The point is that there are people at Clarence House and Buckingham Palace who may be trying to send Harry and Meghan a message. That things have always been done a certain way, and these are not people who like disruptors. As I’ve been saying, gossip in the royal court has always been lethal. Time has not made the players any kinder…or any more progressive, as this strategy of pitting two women against each other, when the titles and the issues involve the men, is an old ass really gross trick. And portraying the sweet, timid white girl as the victim of the outspoken, assertive black woman is also an old ass really gross trick. Because if there is a power struggle happening between the courts, the women are being used as pawns in whatever passive aggressive game Charles’s court is trying to play with his sons’ court, or future courts, or between his sons themselves. Girl sh-t is the best sh-t, unless it’s a cover for boy sh-t.