This past September was the 10 year anniversary of Leave Britney Alone. This weekend, on Saturday, Britney Spears turns 36, a decade removed from the lowest point of her career –maybe of her life—when it got so bad that the world was watching her unravel and her biggest fans banded together with a tearful rally cry: Let Britney live.

Does it finally feel like Britney Spears has been left alone? Does it finally feel like she’s living the life she’s always wanted? Based on nothing other than Photo Assumption and the fact that she’s been drama-free with a stable gig and stable relationship all year, I’m going to say yes. Look at these photos of her at the Lakers game last night with her kids and her boyfriend Sam Asghari. She looks SO happy! I’m happy that Britney is happy. I’m so happy for her, I’m going to ignore the fact that her new BF is a 23 year old “Iranian fitness model.”  Is that a real job? At least he’s FINE as hell and seems to be just as into her as she is into him. This probably isn’t going to end well but look how happy! 

As for Jayden James and Sean, how do these kids look exactly the same as they did when they were babies and yet still look grown enough to make me feel old? I’m also going to ignore Britney’s Real Housewives of New Jersey outfit because aside from the fact that this skirt, blouse and heels combo makes no sense to watch a basketball game in, she looks good. Her weave isn’t as busted as usual and as I’ve written before, you can tell a lot about the state of Britney’s health by looking at her hair. So, I think she’s doing OK guys! 

I just did a deep dive into Brit’s Instagram and found this video of her and Sam being THAT couple. I don’t know whether to cover my eyes or watch it 5 more times. 


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