More relief for the Beckham worriers…

The family is in LA and were out for dinner last night at Nobu. All of them all together – Victoria, David, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz, and H7. It was Brooklyn who drove everyone home afterwards. Brooklyn is now the Beckham designated driver. He’s 19, two years until he meets the drinking age in California. Well this is useful. I mean, I know it’s not the first reason to have a kid… but it’s definitely a bonus, non? Besides, in my experience, with a nephew born in 1998 (he just turned 20 yesterday, Jesus), they love to drive at this age. Any excuse to drive. 

It’s now been about six weeks since the Beckhams denied that they’re divorcing. I was reminded of it last Friday when a similar situation unfolded over whether or not Prince Philip had died. It started on social media. Someone heard it from someone who knew someone else in media and all kinds of tweets circulated about an imminent announcement from the palace. Some of you emailed me about it too. It was exasperating for everyone – royal reporters and royal communication staff because even though they all knew, like cognitively, that it wasn’t true, the way the speculation was spreading seemed so convincing. The Queen, by the way, was “fuming” over it. 

This is similar to what happened to the Beckhams. Victoria had a face on at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding. Three weeks after that, someone heard it from someone who knew someone else at H7’s school or old school that there was something about a teacher and then Twitter ran with it and everyone kept tapping their watches for an announcement that never came. Even reporters who’d already spoken to the Beckhams’ reps who’d assured them that nothing was going down were unsure. While people are now convinced that Prince Philip is indeed alive and well, they’re less certain about the Beckhams, despite the fact that they’ve since celebrated an anniversary and have been on at least two holidays (Croatia and now LA, though). Usually a family unit presentation is perceived to be durable. What is it about the Beckhams that is so fragile? My answer to this is HIM. A lack of trust in HIM. For some reason though, she’s the one who has to eat the sh-t for it. 

By the way, when the rumours about a Beckham break were at the highest point in the dial, there was speculation that one of the reasons they weren’t getting along was because David wasn’t happy about how often VB posted photos of their children on Instagram. Please. His kids were all over his Instastory when they were in Croatia. Here’s VB’s latest IG post featuring one of their children – it’s Cruz doing Bieber. 


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Apparently this was during his “vocal warmup”. 


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Are were *sure* they don’t want their kids on the gram?