This was my reaction when I saw Bryan Singer’s name on an email from site manager Emily this morning, “Ugh, Bryan Singer.” The roach analogy was even better than I realized, because here comes another one, scuttling across the floor. You might have thought Singer was done, after an extensive expose in The Atlantic outlined Singer’s years of predatory behavior toward and abuse of boys, using his film sets as cover. Well, Elijah Daniel is here to tell us otherwise, that Singer is still around and allegedly recruiting boys for trips to Hawaii, he’s just shifted his focus from aspiring actors to Instagram influencers. You might recognize Daniel’s name from Prem’s recent write-up of Trump’s disastrous Tulsa rally. Daniel proudly proclaims himself a “professional troll” and he is a known prankster, but this morning’s Twitter thread about Singer isn’t a prank. He brought receipts, as the youths say.


So, Daniel encountered one of Singer’s recruiters, realized what was going on, and started tracking Singer’s alleged activity through Instagram. And then, not even half an hour after he posted about this, Singer’s Insta was scrubbed:


If you watched Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich on Netflix, the use of recruiters should sound familiar. This is how Epstein operated, too, using the girls he drew into his circle to then bring in other girls. In fact, the whole thing is very Epstein, from the recruiters, to the private jets, to the island getaways. The twist here is that Singer’s recruiters are fully grown men pretending to be younger in order to ingratiate themselves with the influencer set. The next expose I want: who are these people still hanging around Bryan Singer? 

As for the credibility of these accusations, it might be easy to dismiss them because Elijah Daniel is a prankster, but the fact that he found new photos on Instagram is troubling. And shifting from aspiring actors to influencers is classic predator behavior. With his usual hunting grounds exposed, Singer found a new source of prey—influencers who might not be as keyed into industry gossip as actors who spend a lot of time on sets and in casting offices, sharing the latest gossip. Influencers come from outside the industry ecosystem, they might be easier to dupe, in that sense. It is troubling that even after a detailed account of how Singer operates, he is still finding victims. But maybe Daniel’s words will reach the influencer community and they’ll start spreading the same warnings that circulated in the film industry for years. Ugh, Bryan Singer. I cannot BELIEVE we still have to talk about this guy.