Bryce Dallas Howard and Emma Stone were both in New York at Good Morning America today. Emma of course is promoting Poor Things and campaigning for her second Best Actress Oscar. She’s getting an assist from Jeopardy!


A few weeks ago, on the Variety Awards podcast, she mentioned that Jeopardy! is her favourite show and she wants to be on it – and not Celebrity Jeopardy! but real Jeopardy!. Then Ken Jennings was on Live! with Kelly and Mark a few days after and said that they’d love to have her if she passes the test. I mean Jeopardy! is right in that older Oscar voter wheelhouse. She’s getting mentions from people who aren’t even officially associated with the campaign. 


As for Bryce, she is currently promoting Argylle, opening this coming weekend, so it was a The Help reunion and two Gwen Stacys! Look at these two gingers squealing over each other. 

Pretty cute, right? 


Bryce is especially cute. I love her in Argylle and as I keep saying, I really had fun watching this movie so I’m very curious what Sarah will think of it, whether or not she’ll tell me I’m a basic bitch with the worst taste or if she’ll have as good of a time as I did. Bryce is perfect in the role as Elly Conway – she’s sweet and endearing but not a hapless moron and also hilarious. And while Dua Lipa keeps getting so much attention for her appearance in the film, our lead actress is actually Bryce, and this is a wonderful moment for her… which has been matched by her press tour wardrobe, holy sh-t. 

Did you see the London premiere outfit? Glittering and green and gorgeous: 

Bryce Dallas Howard attends the Argylle premiere in London, January 24, 2024

There was a black leather dress and a red one with horses on it that was adorable. 

And then today in NYC, a red suit upon arrival at GMA followed by a striped sweater dress under a red coat as she was leaving. She’s really leveled up for the Argylle promo circuit, a pleasant surprise this early in the year: Bryce Dallas Howard has emerged as a fashion star. 

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