Dear Gossips, 

BTS won four MTV European Music Awards the other night including Best Group and Best Song for “Dynamite”. We are now just ten days away from the release of their new album BE on November 20 which means, as usual, whenever the band is on a comeback, there’s going to be an exhausting amount of content to consume. 


Over the last week or so they’ve been rolling out concept photos to set the tone for their new material and promote their upcoming products. Like their 2021 Seasons Greetings DVD. BTS releases several DVD boxsets with posters and photo cards etc annually. These are reliable moneymakers for them. For this year’s holiday edition, they kept with the retro spirit. Jungkook in this belted suit is… too much. 


What really pushed me over the cliff though is Jimin and that headscarf with a tracksuit. Gucci, of course. 


But also? He looks like an Asian auntie/grandma at the market. My ma dresses like this. And Jimin totally owns it. 


This style vibe, by the way, is exactly on trend. Where? TikTok, obviously. 


Everyone can be fashionable! Do you agree?🎀🤗😊 #tiktokfashion #streetfashion #fashion #ootd #grandma #womenpower #asian #foryoupage #fyp

♬ original sound - Fashion Granny

If this is your first time enjoying Fashion Grannies, welcome to your new obsession. Seriously, look at these fits. THOSE BOOTS.

Anyway, while BTS continues to build momentum for the BE drop, their label, Big Hit, is looking ahead to New Year’s Eve. They just announced a New Year’s Eve concert featuring their in-house talent; the event will be offline and online, with limited seating in accordance with physical distancing protocols for an in-person experience and also virtual access for fans around the world. 


The first two acts NU’EST and ENHYPEN were confirmed today and more acts will be confirmed tomorrow and Thursday. Needless to say, it’s expected that BTS will be the closer as the clock counts down to midnight to ring in 2021. 

BTS Concert poster

So, basically, BTS and Big Hit (because the band members are shareholders in the company now) are continuing to print money. And this is also how the band is leveraging their popularity to boost the profile of their label mates, ensuring the continued success of Big Hit beyond themselves – which is especially critical considering their military enlistments are looming. Might not be a bad idea to start it in 2021, get it over with while the world sorts itself out of this pandemic, and then come back hard when the vaccine is widely available and everything opens back up again. 

That’s your PSA for what’s to come here at LaineyGossip over the next couple of weeks: a LOT of BTS. The new album means a new single, which means a new video, or multiple new videos, and choreo, and of course, because this is BTS… 




Yours in gossip,