Dear Gossips,

The Answer is here. If that means nothing to you, you are not a member of the BTS Army and…why NOT?

Love Yourself: Answer is BTS’s third and final album in their Love Yourself series. It dropped last night along with the video for “IDOL”. The Army has been losing its mind all week in anticipation of the release. Most of Twitter right now is a BTS celebration. If YouTube is any indication, that platform too has been taken over by the BTS Army. Back in May, Love Yourself: Tear became the first K-pop album to top the Billboard 200. Forbes is now projecting that Answer will do the same. And they kick off their world tour tomorrow in Seoul followed by three shows in LA at the beginning of September. Obviously the tour is sold out. It was sold out three months in advance. They’re playing three shows in Hamilton, about 45 minutes outside of Toronto, around the time of my birthday next month, and I’m trying to figure out how I can go. I would also like to interview them but probably that’s not a good idea because I’m not sure I’ll be able to control myself around Jungkook. I have watched the video five times now and need to put a wifi block on my laptop at this point because otherwise I’ll spend all day GIF-ing the sh-t out of all his moments. 

So. #AsianAugust continues. 

Whether you’re listening to BTS, or at the movies for Searching or Crazy Rich Asians or Destination Wedding, or at home streaming To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, or reading China Rich Girlfriend or Rich People Problems, for the second Friday in a row, I wish you a very “yellow” weekend. 

Yours in gossip,