Have you seen Once Upon a Time in…Hollywood yet? There are a LOT of feet shots in the movie because, as we know, Quentin Tarantino has a thing about feet. Armie Hammer is not, as far as I know, in a QT movie and he did not post a scene from a QT movie on Instagram but he did show a video that involved his feet and people got MAD. Like MAAAAAAAADDDDDD. I mean, to me, it’s just another video that belongs online along with all the other videos of kids doing weird sh-t, because kids – and pets – do weird sh-t. But the hashtag was what sent people over the edge. He thought he was being quippy. It backfired. (Dlisted) 

Totally. The sh-t they can do these days with technology, and video tech in particular, is F-CKED. It will f-ck up the truth. It will f-ck up our reality. What will “real” even mean anymore one day? And you know we’re all doomed? Because I couldn’t stop watching Keanu Forrest Gump. I’m a monster already. (Pajiba) 

Back in February there was some kind of town hall meeting or whatever you want to call community gatherings in Windsor and someone who worked at the castle suggested to the townsfolk that they should all consider not fangirling Prince Harry and Meghan Markle when they move into Frogmore because, frankly, it’s embarrassing. And only now this is coming to light and it’s been tweaked into a story about how the asshole Sussexes are telling their neighbours what to do and what not to do which has been denied by Buckingham Palace but, of course, the British tabloids are all over it. (Cele|bitchy) 

I really love this outfit on Cara Delevingne but I know that’s not saying much because she can wear practically anything. So flip a couple of slides over to Michael B Jordan and the wide open collar on his sweater over a white button down shirt. It’s a great look on him. This is how I want to wear my sweaters in the fall. And I would also like to see him with this sweater on without the shirt underneath because I think it would slip sexily off his shoulders. (Go Fug Yourself)   

Lizzo. Just… LIZZO. You just need her to show up. She will deliver, no matter where, she’ll deliver. And I’m making a prediction, although it’s pretty obvious: Lizzo will be the first musical guest on Saturday Night Live when the new season begins in September. WHO ELSE COULD IT BE?! It has to be her! (Just Jared)