Shawn Mendes concluded the North American leg of his tour with a show at home in Toronto on Friday night. And it was an emotional night. He played Rogers Centre. It’s a stadium, where the Blue Jays play, it’s where we won our back to back World Series in 1992 and 1993. If you grew up in Toronto, you have an attachment to Rogers Centre – many of us still call it the SkyDome (it has a retractable roof); it’s one of the jewels of our city, so for an artist from this city, to play at the SkyDome is a big f-cking deal. Shawn was emotional. It was, pardon the cliché, a dream come true. 

So everyone was expecting it to be special, from his fans to the media, and that’s why in the days leading up to the show, there were all kinds of rumours flying around about special guests. At some point people on social media kept saying that there were Taylor Swift sightings around town. Joe Alwyn is on the TIFF list for Harriett, world premiere-ing in Toronto on Tuesday, and the thought was that maybe she came in early for Shawn since she and Camila Cabello are close and Shawn opened for her when he was just getting started. 

There was no Taylor. They couldn’t afford Taylor. I mean, I’m sure they could have but it would be a ridiculous expense. And I’m not just talking about her travel, I’m talking about having her sign-off on the appearance because Shawn’s show in Toronto was filmed and if you want Taylor in whatever you’re shooting, she comes with a fee. 

Not that he needed her because Camila showed up. They were together last week when he had a few days off and making out all over Toronto. Then Camila went to New York for a night on Thursday but, obviously, she came back to join him on stage for "Señorita": 


There are a lot more of these on social media if you need it but I think you get the idea. He put something extra into it for his hometown fans. And gave all the other fans something to look forward to in whatever this was being filmed for.

Now he has three weeks off before he takes the tour overseas until the end of the year. These two have made the most of their time off together all summer. Shawmila enters a new season.