Camila Cabello started dating relationship coach Matthew Hussey last year. Last week, she and Shawn Mendes released their song “Señorita”, along with a steamy video. Now we are learning that over a year together, Camila and Matthew have broken up. Coincidence or conspiracy? If you chose conspiracy…which conspiracy? 

Camila is 22, Matthew is 32. For her, at this time in her life, at this age, a year-plus relationship is pretty significant – and right on time. No one stays the same where she is right now, on top of all the changes in her career. Realistically then, she and Matthew weren’t going to last. That they happened to end juuuuust as she’s promoting this hot new song with Shawn Mendes though…

It’s Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, but younger. 

Not going to lie – I’m kinda sucked into it too. They are sizzling in the “Señorita” video. I don’t totally know if I believe that Shawn’s actually riding that motorcycle but I’m definitely leaning in closer to my laptop when he picks her up and puts her against the wall. (Aside: why do they keep singing in music videos when they’re grinding on each other and about to kiss? It’s so awkward. And unnecessary. We get it, it’s a duet.) So it only helps if people *think* they’re a thing IRL, right? There’s your conspiracy, or conspiracies. First, whether or not there might be something between them. Or if they’re actively leading you to believe there’s something between them to sell the song. 

Or maybe it is or was the second option...that has or will turn into the first option? Camila and Shawn have been friends for a few years. They definitely have ONLY been friends in the past. But, you know, things change. They’ve changed. Do I sound like a TwiHard about this? Because I am, I totally am. I want this couple to happen. Also, have you seen the two behind-the-scenes videos from the making of “Señorita”? Is it just me or is there a nervous, flirty energy? 


Attached - Camila out in Cannes the other day.