Celebrity couples can be random. See: Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden. That last one still kills me. There are certain couples that will always cause me to stop scrolling and say “huh?” every time I see them. Camila Cabello and Matthew Hussey are one of those couples. 
The difference between Camila and Matthew and the aforementioned couples is that Matthew Hussey barely counts as a celebrity. 

To recap, Camila and Matthew were first spotted together in February. Matthew is a dating and relationship expert. As Lainey wrote then, we know Matthew because he’s been featured in multiple segments in the building we work in. I’ve produced him a couple of times on The Social. Matthew Hussey is a nice dude, handsome with a cute British accent. He promises to help women find the man of their dreams. He’s got a rom-com job and shares movie-worthy platitudes. He’s Will Smith in Hitch but for straight women. It’s not my thing but I get the appeal for the legions of young women who follow him. 

What I don’t get is his appeal to Camila Cabello. It’s not that he’s not famous enough. It’s not even that he’s 10 years older than her. Who wants to be in a relationship with a relationship expert? Camila has said that Matthew, “gives good advice.” Imagine dating a guy who thinks he knows everything about dating?  When they get in an argument, is he pulling out tips from his “3 Ways To Stay Sexy While Arguing” YouTube video? I didn’t make that up, I swear. You can watch it here

Maybe this dude really is the very best at being in relationships but eventually, doesn’t that get exhausting? My partner has a master’s degree in exercise physiology. Body science is his thing. He knows his sh-t. And yet, put us together in the gym and I don’t want him telling me what to do. In fact, our biggest arguments have happened in the gym because he was telling me what to do. Am I just an asshole? Is this is a problem I need Matthew Hussey to help fix? HA. 

Maybe I am just an asshole because in these new photos of Camila and Matthew in Spain with her family, they look really f-cking happy. Photo Assumption tells me they’re going to live happily ever after just like Will Smith and Eva Mendes at the end of Hitch. If they do, I’m still going to stop and say “huh?” every time I see them together.