Can you get away from Camila Cabello’s Havana? I can’t and I’m not mad at it. It’s a good song. 

Camila Cabello is a big deal with the youths. There’s still all kinds of lingering drama behind her departure from Fifth Harmony. And factions, of course. Fan factions fighting is fuel for social media. I just wanted to say that for the alliteration. 

Anyway, Camila was trending on social media this weekend for a new reason: she has a new boyfriend, his name is Matthew Hussey. She and Matthew were papped in Cabo, kissing and flirting and declaring that they’re doing it. Who is Matthew Hussey? He’s a …dating and relationship expert. I know this because he’s a regular guest on The Marilyn Denis Show here in Canada and we’ve had him on a couple of times on The Social too. Matthew’s a reasonably attractive guy with a British accent. I’m sure you can imagine the audience reaction to him, especially when he’s telling (mostly) women how to “Get The Guy”, which is what his book is called and he has a column in Cosmo by the same name. Here’s an example. (PS Jacek is posting today for Emily because it’s a holiday in certain parts of Canada so I can’t wait to hear his reaction after he watches this video.)


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Camila Cabello got the guy. Although some people think he’s too old for her (30 to 20) and others think it’s a publicity stunt. I’m always here for a good publicity stunt theory but… I just don’t know who benefits from the stunt. Matthew Hussey’s not a household name so, sure, he has something to gain but also, how the hell would he be able to manage setting up the stunt since he’s not a household name, you know? And why would her team approve of it? Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes? If that were happening, both sides would sign off on the stunt. I have a hard time believing that Matthew’s people sent a proposal over to Camila’s people and they were all like, “Yes, this English dating expert with a significantly smaller profile, who travels the country doing dating seminars is a good option for our talent who currently has a major hit song on the radio”. I mean, it’s so random that legit seems to be the only explanation for it? 

That said, I’m curious to see how it works for his brand. He’s all about any girl can get any guy. And he’s a goodlooking guy …who’s now with a gorgeous, young pop star.